11/1 I plan to remove the large desk from the room with the wooden floor to create more space for the classes. If you would like to have the desk (free) please let me know in the next few days or I will invite a charity shop to take it away. It is a solid wood old-fashioned schoolmaster's/schoolmistress' desk with 7 drawers, measuring approximately 4'5"/135 cm wide and 2'5"/75 cm deep and high.

Jenny's Classes - for teachers and trainee teachers

Jenny Fox Eades teaches adult education classes in Macclesfield and South Manchester and welcomes teachers and trainee teachers as teachers and/or as assistants or students (@ £10/class) as appropriate.


Jenny has more than 30 years' experience (5 with the A.T.) teaching groups and a PhD in Well-being in Education. She also has professional qualifications in group skills and dynamics. As well as modelling the skills that make teaching in general, and group teaching in particular, a joy and a success, Jenny explains to visiting teachers and trainee teachers the group processes and dynamics behind these skills and provides safe opportunities for them to practice the skills for themselves in a supportive environment.


Other talks, games and/or discussions  (video & audio)

On "allowing the neck to be free" - what is "Direction"? The difference between thinking, feeling and doing (discussion with Jane, Peter, Malcolm and others)  13/5/20 video, 22 mins  

The transcript of Walter's lecture mentioned during the discussion is here.

The Use of the hands in teaching - general directions in terms of overall intent. Game with Peter and discussion.  14/5/20  video, 32 mins

The Stroop Test for Inhibition document - Game with Malcolm on 20/5/20

The Use of the Tongue, Part 1, Game with Sue F and discussion  21/5/20, video 25 mins & notes.

The Use of the Tongue, Part 2, Game with Sue F   4/6/20, video, 19 mins & notes.

The Pharynx, Game with Sue F   25/6/20, video, 22 mins & notes

'Towards a Practical Philosophy for Building a Successful AT Practice' - Talk with Peter on 21/5/20, notes.

Arms and hands game with Janet P-E on 1/7/20, video 18 mins, notes

Use of the arms, in general and teaching musicians with Janet P-E on 16/7/20, video 21 mins

"Where am I?", preparation before lying down in semi-supine with Karen Wentworth, video 5 mins

Balancing on the legs and feet, game with Jane O on 9/7/20, video 17 mins

Inhibition & Direction, class discussion - Jamie, Brita, Malcolm, Peter and others, 16/7/20, video 12 mins

Janet use of hands on oneself (mostly for teachers), 10/9/20, video 18 mins

Janet 16/9/20, mirror, legs, walking, video 22 mins

Jane O  23/9/20, balance on feet & kneeling, video 18 mins

Malcolm  1/10/20, hands on back of chair/forearm pull, (video to be posted soon) & notes