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Alexander Technique Science, Upcoming webinars


We hope you are well.


We are passionate about the confluence of science and the AT and feel that science is beneficial to the AT in many ways. This ranges from providing explanatory frameworks for our experiences, to helping  communicate what we do – both to the uninitiated and within the AT community.

We are gearing up to start our next webinar on March 31st. If you benefited from our course or believe that scientific literacy leads to a better future for the profession then help us by spreading the word. We rely on word of mouth. You might be surprised to know how much telling a colleague matters. The link to the course is below, please share it and tell those who you think would benefit.

Having taken our course previously you will also be eligible for the Advanced AT Science Webinar, which is happening early next year. We appreciate the suggestions teachers have sent us regarding topics to cover and are planning the curriculum now. Some topics we are considering are:

  • Attention and awareness

  • Brain networks and mind wandering

  • Representations of the body in the brain (e.g. body schema and body image)

  • Expanding the discussion of deep and superficial muscles

  • Endurance and why we lose postural states

  • Breath and emotion 

  • Motor learning and the AT learning process

  • Qualitative research on the AT

  • AT and mindfulness, similarities and differences

If you have thoughts about topics or questions you would like answered in the Advanced Course, please continue to let us know.

Finally, as always, drop us an email to how the course has affected you in the longer term. We would love to hear from you!


With best wishes,

Tim & Patrick
Alexander Technique Science