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MATTS is an internationally recognised centre of excellence offering:

A first-class professional training course for teachers
Postgraduate training for teachers

Continuing professional development (CPD)  
Occasional or regular visits and intensive courses for the public

MATTS is a STAT approved professional training course for teachers made up of 1600 class hours, together with some home study. Graduates are certified by STAT and are eligible to join the Society as teaching members.

Full time training usually takes three years. However, nowadays many students choose to train part-time and are free to choose a training schedule that suits them on a completely flexible basis.

We also offer postgraduate training and individually designed courses for people who have had a foundation course of lessons and who would like to deepen their Alexander Technique skills in an intensive group setting, and/or for those who have an interest in training and who would like to explore this further before making a commitment to train.

Students at MATTS benefit from a learning environment that is friendly, supportive, inclusive and professional.

Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) about training as an AT teacher

The training experience: students describe their experience of training as an AT teacher

Teacher Training at MATTS

MATTS was founded in 2001 and has graduated 39 teachers (April 2024). The great majority of our graduates have active teaching practices today, several with great distinction.

MATTS was founded and led by Malcolm Williamson. Malcolm was assisted by Peter Bloch for several years and then by Nigel Evans.

After 16 years we closed our formal training course for a break at the end of 2017. However, we continued without a pause with weekly and then twice-weekly classes for teachers and potential trainee teachers led by Peter Bloch and based on a traditional training course format.

We reopened as a part-time training course for teachers in April 2020 and as a full-time course in September 2021. At the moment (April 2024) we have 14 trainee teachers. We continue in the long-established MATTS tradition of providing a first class training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Visit by notable teacher John Nicholls, February 2022

MATTS Teacher Training Course Graduates 2001 - 2024


Gillian Thorndyke* July 2003

Wendy Broad* July 2003

Pauline Leng July 2004

Miriam Press July 2004

Liz Hulse July 2004

Tom Clough* March 2005

Robin Todd July 2005

Sheila Bulley* July 2005

Giles Smith July 2006

Julia Woodman December 2006

Pete Robinson March 2007

Ann Whitehead July 2007

Janice Yule July 2007

Neil Roberts December 2007

Sue Fleming March 2008

Alice Burke July 2008

Gillian Pierce July 2009

Andrea Walsh December 2009

Kathy Charlton December 2009

Julia Roberts March 2010

Marie Leenhardt March 2010

Kim Cant December 2010

Ruth Currell December 2010

Gerard Healey* November 2012

David Hudson December 2012

Andy Moorhouse February 2013

Jenny Fox Eades April 2014

Annalisa Faenza July 2014

Maggie Bishop July 2014

Karen McCarthy* July 2014

Sue Urquhart March 2016

Kate Jacobs October 2016

Charlotte Woods July 2017

Rhiannon Jones October 2017

Su Harrison October 2018

Andrea Hughes** August 2020

Dan Parr November 2022

Sallie Bancroft November 2023

James Power February 2024

* Transferred from a STAT-approved training school

**Completed part of training at MATTS

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