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Classes for the Public

MATTS offers occasional, regular or intensive visits to our teacher training course by students who have already completed an introductory course of individual lessons. (If you are looking for classes for beginners, there is a list of local courses here.)

Classes for experienced students

MATTS welcomes occasional or regular visits by students with a strong interest in the Alexander Technique. With an average student - teacher ratio of 2 - 1, and with some of the most experienced teachers in the UK, our classes are an interesting and effective way to advance your studies. During each visit you will receive several 'turns' (mini-lessons from different teachers) and be invited to participate in all group activities. The first visit is free and subsequent visits are £60 each (2023/4).


We ask that new visitors book their first visit in advance, and after that you are free to attend on any day of your choosing, without notice.* Please contact us if you would like further information, or to arrange a first visit.

Intensive Courses

MATTS offers intensive visits to our teacher training course. These provide an opportunity for rapid self-development, where you can deepen your understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique, enhancing your skills and confidence.

There are many reasons why you might wish to join an intensive course, such as:

  • to enhance performance or overcome difficulties in music, sport or business

  • to develop a greater sense of embodiment and make fundamental changes in life attitudes and ways of thinking

  • to overcome long-standing pain, discomfort or stress related to how you use yourself in everyday life 

  • to find out more about what a professional training as an AT teacher is like, and whether it would be right for you*

Group activity at MATTS

Intensive Courses can be tailored to your needs and include full immersion in our teacher training course on anything from one to four days each week during term time. The course can also include further individual lessons with the teacher of your choice at a lower student rate. Students can join at any time during the school year and can pay for study at the same rate as trainee teachers, on a per-class (£60) or per-term (up to 48 classes for £2,400) basis .

If you think that an Intensive Course might be right for you, the best way to proceed is usually to visit our classes. If distance makes this difficult, a telephone interview with the course Director will usually suffice. At no point is a long-term commitment either requested or required by MATTS, and so students are always free to discover for themselves how they would like to proceed with their studies.

*In most cases, students who go on to study for a professional qualification are able to count hours of study in our classes towards the hours of formal training required to apply for final assessment for Teaching Membership of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

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