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Why train at MATTS?

A first class professional training

MATTS has been a notable and vibrant centre of excellence for 22 years and has graduated 38 teachers (2023). We offer a STAT approved training course for teachers with an exceptionally high teacher-student ratio, a team with many years of experience in the training of teachers and an exceptionally wide range of other participating teachers. Students can expect to work with at least 10 different teachers during a typical week of training, some teaching exclusively in the school. In addition, we regularly host notable teachers from elsewhere in the UK and abroad.​

MATTS graduates are certificated by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and are eligible to join the Society as a Teaching Member. STAT is the oldest and largest lead professional body for AT teachers in the UK with its many affiliated societies around the world. STAT Teaching Members are eligible to become members of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

MATTS is an important centre, regionally, nationally and internationally and is currently the largest training course in the UK outside of London. Our classes offer intensive individual attention to the needs and development of each student. In addition, we offer outstanding support to our graduates, most of whom choose to take up teaching careers.

A highly flexible training schedule for each student

Our training course for teachers offers a flexibility in training options well beyond those currently available on other STAT-approved training courses. Students can train full-time or can choose a programme of classes on a completely flexible basis, although it is recommended that students attend for a minimum average of 50% of classes (2 class per week) in any year (35 weeks).

A great environment

MATTS is well-known for its open, friendly, welcoming, inclusive and professional learning environment that is reliably supportive of trainees, post-graduate students and qualified teachers, strengthening the skills and confidence needed to build and maintain a successful teaching practice. Local teachers drop in most days and teachers frequently visit us from elsewhere, often travelling long distances to attend.

We are fortunate to have a large and sunny room for our classes, located in a charming modern library in an attractive small town in Cheshire, at the edge of the Manchester suburbs. Wimslow has excellent transport links that include a mainline railway station (a five minute brisk walk from the school), several connecting motorways and Manchester Airport. Manchester is one of the most important student cities in the world, and has many advantages over London and other major urban centres for both British and international students. For international students, the UK regularly comes first in international rankings of the best countries to study abroad.

Outstanding post-graduate support

MATTS has a long tradition of being particularly supportive of our graduates, should they wish to continue to visit the school, where work experience, work exchange, turns from senior teachers and supervised hands-on practice are all available free of charge.

I am interested in finding out more, what should I do next?

Please feel free to contact the course director at any time for more information or to discuss your individual situation.


After that, usually the best thing to do is to visit us! All of our classes are open to visitors, so you can come on the day of your choosing. Ideally, a first visit would be on a Thursday, since the three course directors are usually present on that day, but this is not essential. The first visit is free of charge and then classes cost £60 each (from June 2023). If you decide to train as a teacher, previous visits can count towards the STAT-required minimum hours of formal training.​

We encourage potential trainees to visit us several times before deciding to train.

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