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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

"The Thursday Class"

MATTS offers a special weekly opportunity for professional development in the "Thursday Class", specifically designed for teachers of all levels of experience to meet and work together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 

The Thursday Classes have become an important A.T. resource in the wider region. Teachers travel from all over the north of England and Wales to be with us each week.


Our classes are friendly, welcoming and supportive. Visitors can expect lots of 'turns' (if they would like them!) and opportunities to refine their skills (see details below) as well as a scrumptious tea (some teachers say this is their real reason for coming)!

Small group discussion at MATTS
John Nicholls visit, Feb 2022, table wor

We also host occasional "special events" at which notable teachers visit us from around the world, either in person or via Zoom.

A video library of some of these events may be found in the Members' Area of this website.

"STAT requires a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities per year (many members will regularly undertake significantly more than this) and if you joined STAT on or after July 2017 you are now required to keep an annual CPD record." STAT CPD Guidelines

Continuing Professional Development Mind Map

"Professional Development for Teachers of the Alexander Technique is based on the recognition that a single course of training is not enough by itself to maintain high standards of practice throughout one’s career. STAT teaching members therefore need to engage in continuing professional development so as to broaden their understanding and application of the Alexander Technique, to develop their skills and to stay abreast with developments germane to their professional practice. This development is part of the Technique."

Source: STAT 2021

Thursday Class, 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

An opportunity to:

  • Exchange work

  • Receive turns from senior teachers

  • Take part in hands-on groups with senior teachers

  • Attend talks and tutorials relevant to professional development such as building a practice, teaching groups, educational techniques, reflective practice and ethics and the STAT codes of practice.

Thursday classes run on 35 weeks each year as part of the Manchester AT Teacher Training School (MATTS) ​(term dates). All teachers are free to come without notice and to arrive and depart at the time of their choosing.

In addition to Thursdays, all qualified teachers are always welcome in any of our classes (Wednesdays to Saturdays) during the training week. You can come without notice, and arrive and depart at the time of your choosing. Although we will mostly not be able to pay you, you can be sure of a warm welcome, turns, an opportunity to refine your skills and tea!

Students with an interest in training as a teacher, very experienced students interested in advanced group study, and less experienced students on the recommendation of their teacher are also welcome at our Thursday Classes. Contact us to arrange a first visit.

Class Fees: This class (and all MATTS classes) are free to teachers. The cost for part-time trainee teachers, postgraduate students and visiting students is £60 per class (June 2023).

Continuing Professional Development Image

STAT CPD Policy Statement

"Teaching members of STAT actively and continually pursue their professional development as an Alexander Technique Teacher. This development of skill, knowledge and understanding of the Technique and the Teaching of the Technique can be achieved through a wide range of activities and reflective practices that come under the banner of continuous professional development (CPD)."

STAT 2021

Working with our students

Because all of our classes are part of our training course for teachers, visiting teachers are encouraged (but definitely not required) to spend some of their time giving turns to trainee teachers and visiting students. The proportion of each visit devoted to giving 'turns' to students is entirely at each teacher's own discretion. However, we do ask that regular visitors take some care to see that turns are evenly distributed (over time) amongst the students so that no one feels left out. Keeping a written list of turns given to students is one possible way to approach this.

Copy of John Nicholls visit Feb 2022, te
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