Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Lesson

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are usually given on a one-to-one basis so that you can work with your teacher on your own habits of movement. Groups can provide a useful introduction but are not a substitute for the individual guidance needed to learn the Alexander Technique.

"The Alexander Technique teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into whatever you are already doing." (Jones 1976) It is a tried and tested method for improving performance in all activities and is a self-help method for resolving a wide range of functional, ‘use-related’ health problems. The Alexander Technique is best learned through taking an introductory course of 20-30 individual lessons, although a few can make a difference. Lessons usually last 30-40 minutes and fees generally range from £40 - £70 outside London.

Many of the teachers in the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas are contributors at MATTS and some of these teachers are available for individual lessons at our main site in Wilmslow as well as throughout the region. You can find their details on the Training Team page.

A searchable list of teachers is available on the website of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

We also keep a list of group classes in the area.

Students with an interest in training as a teacher, very experienced students interested in advanced group study, and less experienced students on the recommendation of their teacher are welcome at our classes. Contact us to arrange a first visit.

For more detailed information about the Alexander Technique visit STAT's website or, for a brief introduction, FAQs about lessons, a summary of clinical studies, quotes by well-known people about the AT, information about local group classes and much more, visit Peter's website.