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Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate training at MATTS

Qualified teachers may join our training course either part-time or full-time for a period of postgraduate study in a school known for its friendly, supportive and non-judging attitude, led by teachers with long experience in the training and professional development of teachers. Postgraduate study is open to teachers of all backgrounds and levels of experience and is available for any period of time required.


Teachers choose a course of post-graduate study at MATTS for several reasons, including:

  • newly qualified teachers who wish to enhance their skills in a friendly and supportive environment

  • teachers who have taken a break from teaching and feel in need of a ‘refresher’ before resuming work

  • teachers who would like assistance in developing their skills and confidence so that they can feel ready to move forward with their own practice

  • more experienced teachers who would like to set aside some time for themselves to improve their own Use and to re-think their approach to teaching

Postgraduate students are free to partake in all training activities and are always free to choose whether they wish to use their own skills within the class as teachers, or to come on the same basis as an trainee teacher, and this can be reviewed at any time. In addition to the usual ‘turns’, postgraduate students are offered regular supervised hands-on groups with a senior teacher .

Postgraduate students can join us at any time during the school year and can pay for study on a completely flexible per-class basis (£60/class from June 2023) or per-term basis (£2,400 from June 2023, a 20% discount pro rata), the same rate as trainee teachers.

Please contact Peter to discuss options.

Postgraduate support for MATTS graduates

As all AT teachers know, being awarded a certificate is only the start of a continuing journey of growth in understanding and skill on which most people need support to succeed. All teachers, and most especially new teachers, can benefit from CPD. Isolation can lead to a loss of confidence and skills needed to build a successful practice. 

We continue in the MATTS tradition of encouraging our graduates to visit the school as often as they would like on any day of the week after graduation without charge. New teachers will continue to be offered ‘turns’ from senior teachers and supervised advanced hands-on training.

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