Alexander Technique Resources

MATTS has a large lending library. We also stock many books about the AT, both new and used, for sale. These are only available on-site.

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

The Society was established in 1958 and is the original and largest representative and regulatory professional body for Alexander teachers. STAT represents the great majority of teachers in the UK. There is a full searchable list of teachers available here.

STAT-approved training courses for teachers

A list of STAT-approved teacher training courses in the UK and abroad.

STAT-Affliliated Societies

The great majority of Alexander Technique professional bodies around the world are affiliated with STAT and on this website you can find a list of these, and approved training courses.


Mouritz is run by notable AT teacher Jean Fischer and is one of the most important resource sites for the AT. It includes:

A specialist publisher of books on the AT and a bookshop with the most extensive list of books on the AT available anywhere, together with -

The Mouritz Companion to the AT that "makes it easy to locate sources on a specific topic. It is not an introduction to the A.T. and most of the books, articles, etc. listed are not introductory material. The entries cover more than 1,150 articles and 160 books on the Alexander Technique, as well as some 55 books and articles not specifically on the Alexander Technique. A particularly helpful feature is a searchable list of people and topics that provides "a brief overview of a subject and to direct the reader to the most important sources available”." and

A Bibliography of the AT that "attempts to provide a complete listing of published material on the Alexander Technique such as books, journals, booklets, videos, and more. It contains more than 1,000 items." and

A Library that "contains a selection of quotations on key concepts from F. M. Alexander's books, free PDFs of articles and historical documents on the Alexander Technique, and more."

Alexander Studies Online

An initiative of the Scientific Research Group of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, this website provides a platform where people with a scientific and/or scholarly interest in all aspects of the Alexander Technique can exchange information, ideas, experience and proposals.


Research Overview by Julia Woodman

A clearly presented, fully referenced and up to date overview of the scientific research on the Alexander Technique. Julia Woodman is a teacher and trainer of teachers of the A.T. based in Edinburgh who is also a science researcher and medical writer. She is either the lead author or a contributing writer of many of the most important research publications on the A.T.


Alexander in Education

A dedicated website of the Society of the Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

"The Alexander Technique is taught worldwide in schools, colleges and universities, and is a powerful aid for children and young people.  It reawakens natural poise so that minds and bodies can work in harmony to counter stress in our environment. It substitutes habitual tensions with a free-flowing coordination, and thus has a wide range of applications for young people. These include:

  •    cultivating mental and emotional health

  •    enabling resilience and self-confidence

  •    developing a balanced approach to academic work

  •    enhancing performance in sport, music and public speaking

  •    dealing with neck, shoulder and back pain

  •    promoting social skills"

A Handbook for Musicians Learning the Alexander Technique


A personal view for musicians, music students and their teachers, by Malcolm Williamson.

Malcolm Williamson studied at the Royal College of music and played the viola with major orchestras before training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. He has been teaching at the Royal Northern College of Music since 1985.

Other websites of interest to teachers and trainee teachers: A website for the Alexander Technique and the Performing Arts Specialised Postgraduate Training for Alexander Teachers Working in Education. This very impressive website is devoted to improving scientific understanding of the Alexander Technique (AT)—its principles, practices, reported and demonstrated benefits, and terminology. A website full of interesting information all geared towards "advancing understanding of the Alexander Technique and its teaching through disciplined inquiry". See their recent series of interviews drawing out the role of the Technique in supporting people with dementia.

The A.T. and Swimming and videos demonstrating the Shaw approach to swimming.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - An interesting, though sometimes hard to navigate, A.T. resource and information site.

Other webpages of interest:

Wikipedia Alexander Technique Article

STAT on YouTube

Friends of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Trust

Backcare - a back pain charity

BBC article on the Alexander Technique

BBC video on the Alexander Technique

BBC video on the Alexander Technique

Guardian newspaper article on A.T.

Guardian newspaper article on A.T.